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They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but we think these photos speak for themselves! Whether you are visiting Hilton Head Island with your family, buddies, loved ones or just for some rest and relaxation, Hilton Head Outfitters is happy to make sure your trip is packed with fun-filled activities. Try something completely new like ocean paddle-boarding, paddle out into the surf and ride the waves back to the shore for an awesome adventure. Take a relaxing kayak or canoe ride through the 11 mile inland lagoon located in Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort to take in the natural beauty of the Island. Grab a bike and pedal the beach for the best views on Hilton Head Island and a little exercise while you are at it! No matter what brought you to visit Hilton Head Island, activities from Hilton Head Outfitters will make you want to stay forever.

Kayaking and canoeing the 11-mile inland lagoon in Palmetto Dunes is a great activity for kids of all ages. Beginners can take their time paddling through the lagoon taking photos of blue herons, turtles sun bathing and golfers as they explore the resort from their own personal vessel.

Riding bikes on the beach is the most iconic Hilton Head Island activity. With the biggest inventory of bikes on the Island, Hilton Head Outfitters has your whole family covered with a variety of beach cruisers. Your family can bring your bikes to the beach for the day or capture a great family photo biking the beach together. A sunset beach bike ride over the Dunes House for drinks or dinner is an awesome family activity and will make mom, dad and the kids happy.

Want to exercise while visiting Hilton Head Island? Enthusiasts don’t have to worry about a current or tide slowing them down as they create their own breeze cruising under bridges, rounding bends and racing a friend. Rent kayaks and canoes for a few hours, a day or your entire stay!

Surf Camp with Carole and Capt. Byron is a “must” while vacationing on Hilton Head Island. The calm swells are perfect for beginners to find their wave and surf right into shore. Stop by the Hilton Head Outfitters shop to sign up for Surf Camp times and availability.

The beauty of the Lowcountry is priceless. Rent a bike and explore the majesty of century old oak trees draped with Spanish Moss lining miles of bike paths located within Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort – you might even catch a photo as stunning as this one captured by Instagrammer @gardizzone!

What to Do, What to Pack, What to Rent.

Aside from the famous golf courses, world-class tennis center, local seafood restaurants and awesome summer-long festivals – the beaches on Hilton Head Island will always be the main attraction. Pristine white sand, easy waves and a breeze that smells even better than freshly baked cinnamon rolls from the Palmetto Dunes General Store, ensure that no matter how you plan your beach day, it is going to be great. Change a ‘great day’ into a perfect day with this ultimate beach day guide from Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort.
Upon arrival to Palmetto Dunes, the first stop is always Hilton Head Outfitters. With our bikes already ordered and delivered to our vacation rental home, we are strictly shopping. The kids go nuts for Waboba Balls, which bounce on water and impress even the most angst filled teenager. We stock up with a few shovels and pales, suntan lotion, aloe and goggles (kids version of reading glasses, they never stick around for longer than a few months). The staples are added to the family beach bag along with towels and sunglasses and we head to our rental home.
Unpacking is saved for nighttime when the beautiful Island sun isn’t calling our names. Bathing suits on, sunscreen applied, covered ups added and we board our bikes for the short ride to the beach. We park at the Dunes House and walk up to the Outfitters Kiosk. With the option of renting beach chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, skim boards, ocean paddle boards and more, there are infinite choices for your family to indulge in some fun-in-the-sun! Everyone gets their own beach chair and the kids usually rent one activity each day, including the highlight of their trip, a surf lesson from “Surf Dog” Capt. Byron who has the kids giggling and saying “cowabunga” for the entirety of our vacation.
Let the games begin! After years of vacationing on Hilton Head Island, we have the beach games down to a science. We love playing paddle ball, bocce ball and drawing our own football/baseball fields in the sand for a quick game (games/sports balls can be purchased at Outfitters). The kids also compete in their own sandcastle making contests which allow my husband and I at least an hour of piece before we judge the competition.
Other than a few waters stuffed into the insulated pockets of the beach bag, we look forward to treating ourselves to a heavenly frozen concoction from The Dunes House and let the kids enjoy a virgin Pina Colada or an ice-cream cone. The staff at this iconic beach bar is full of character and always makes our experience extra special. Insider tip – we eat dinner early, around 5:00 pm. The restaurant is between the busy lunch and dinner crowd and the weather cools down a bit, making the deck at the Dunes House the perfect place for our family to devour the world-famous fish tacos in just our cover-ups and sandy toes.
Taking a cocktail with us, our family tradition is to take a nice walk on the beach after dinner. My daughter and I pick out the most beautiful shells and my husband and the boys prepare some fishing tackle to test their luck at a little shark fishing at dusk.
I am not lying when I say that we repeat our beach routine most of the days we are on Hilton Head Island with a few rounds of tennis, golf and kayaking trips sprinkled in between. Finding our groove and routine at the beach was such a fun adventure for our family, but now that we have it down, our family takes comfort on that sandy shore. The beach at Palmetto Dunes is our own little slice of heaven and when we leave after those seven blissful days; I can’t help but book next year’s trip online on the drive back home.

By Guest Blogger

Hilton Head rentalWhile winters here are not so bad — we have yet to see a single snowflake (and rarely ever do!) and have had only a handful of “chilly” days — we are still looking forward to springtime on the island.

Here are five reasons why:


1)    Azaleas in bloom – If you haven’t seen the glory of the azaleas in bloom in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, you are truly missing out. These wild, bushy blooms dot the side of the road and fill Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort with beautiful colors of purple, pink, white and red.

2)    Kayaking and canoeing – Spring is perfect for hopping in our 11-mile inland lagoon system for a peaceful paddle without having to worry that you’ll be too cold if you get a little wet. Get in some exercise while exploring the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island.

3)    Wildlife – The wildlife start to come out and about as the weather warms from our plentiful birds to colorful butterflies and of course, dolphins and even the occasional otter who swims up into the lagoon behind Hilton Head Outfitters.

4)    Bikes, bikes and more bikes – We love biking the 50 miles of paved paths on the island in spring, as they are as busy as they are during summer and the weather is perfect for wearing shorts — or maybe even your swimsuit — as you head to the beach, the oceanfront Dunes House or even the General Store for some yummy fried chicken.

5)    Walks on the beach – While the water may still be a bit chilly for a dip, the sunshine makes it plenty warm for a walk on the beach. With the ocean breeze during winter, it can be a bit too cold for comfort. Spend time running, beachcombing or keeping an eye out for dolphins.


What do you like most about spring on Hilton Head Island?


To get your spring Hilton Head bike rentals and kayak and canoe rentals, visit us at www.HiltonHeadOutfitters.com.

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