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kayaking Hilton HeadKayaking is one of our favorite activities here on Hilton Head Island. Sure, golf, tennis and the beach get all the press, but heading out for a peaceful kayak on the lagoon is a great activity that just can’t be beat. From the outstanding upper body exercise to the quieting of the mind it offers, you’ve got to give kayaking in Hilton Head a try. Here are 10 fun facts about kayaking:

1)      Choose from a single or double kayak – Need some alone time? Choose a single kayak. Want the family to come along for an adventure? Choose a double! Doubles, or tandems, can be a great choice, especially with little kids who may need some help with paddle technique.

2)      Kayaking is easy – Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never kayaked. It’s extremely easy to learn and anyone can do it. You just need a few simple techniques, and within a few minutes, you’ll feel comfortable as can be.

3)      It’s great exercise – Need an upper body workout? Kayaking will do it. But don’t worry that you’ll tire out if you’re not in shape. Just take a break whenever you need one. And, remember, you’re not in a hurry!

4)      You can fish from a kayak – We have kayak rentals that have secure fishing rod holders for catching a big one! Our lagoon is loaded with fish, so combine kayaking and fishing for a wonderful outing.

5)      You’re not likely to flip over – Some people worry they will flip over in a kayak. They are in fact quite steady, and unless you really rock them, you should stay perfectly dry!

6)      They trace back to the Inuits – The Inuits were the first people believed to use a kayak for traversing icy waters to hunt fish and seals.

7)      There are two types of paddles – Kayaks can be used with two kinds of paddles: asymmetric and symmetric. Symmetric paddles are symmetric at both ends and can be used to paddle either way. Asymmetric paddles are generally used for racing with one side having a curve.

8)      Kayaks can be used on all types of water – This includes lagoons (like ours), lakes, creeks, rivers and oceans.

9)      They’re perfect for exploring nature – Only in a kayak can you navigate into tight spots and inlets to get an up close view of wildlife and nature in the most remote places.

10)   Kayaking is an Olympic sport – If you really like kayaking, keep practicing, maybe you’ll make it into the Olympics. Kayaking officially became an Olympic sport in 1936.

What else would you like to know about kayaking? Shout out and we’ll try and answer.

For Hilton Head kayak rentals, please visit us at www.hiltonheadoutfitters.com or give us a call at 866-380-1783.

Hilton Head Bike RentalsDare we say spring is our favorite month on Hilton Head Island? While there’s plenty to love about the other seasons too, we just can’t get past the perfect temperatures, colorful azaleas and all the families and spring breakers who bring lots of energy and happiness to the island.

Here are 5 of our favorite outdoor activities to do on Hilton Head in spring:

1)      Ride a bike – With more than 50 miles of paved bike paths to explore around the island and 5 miles within Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort itself, where we are located, there’s plenty of places to explore on two wheels. The perfectly mild weather with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s means you don’t even have to worry about breaking a sweat. At Hilton Head Outfitters, we offer a variety of Hilton Head bike rentals, with the largest fleet on the island, including options for babies and kids.

2)      Go fishing – Our 11-mile inland saltwater lagoon system was recently lauded as one of the healthiest around producing “monster” fish. With a little help from Palmetto Lagoon Outfitters’ Captain Trent, who knows just where to find the biggest catches, you’ll be reeling in a big one in no time! He recently reported that “the bite is on around Hilton Head.”

3)      Kayak or canoe the lagoon – Enjoy a peaceful paddle around our beautiful lagoon system and see Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort from an entirely new perspective. Watch for all manner of birds, cruise underneath live oaks with hanging moss, see golfers on the green and enjoy many a beautiful home and villa. We rent kayaks and canoes by the hour.

4)      Park yourself at the beach – While the waters may be a tad too chilly for a dip in the ocean, you can still enjoy the warm Carolina sunshine, the sound of the waves crashing along the shore and a day of fun building sandcastles, soaking up some rays and biking or walking the beach, collecting shells. We offer beach chairs and umbrellas to make your beach visit as comfy and convenient as possible.

5)      Go for a jog – Following the same trails designed for bikes, you can jog throughout Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, winding your way through golf courses, homes, the lagoon and more. You can also head to the beach for beautiful views and a more challenging workout. Bring your kids along by renting one of our jogging strollers, so they can join the fun, too!

What are your favorite spring outdoor activities on Hilton Head Island? Be sure to visit our store right inside the entrance to Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort for all of your outdoor needs.

Hilton Head OutfittersEvery day more new items are coming through our doors. We’ve already told you about our new kayaks and bikes, but we’re also getting new apparel items for you, too. To head into the great outdoors, you’ve got to be dressed right: both comfortable and fashionable! Here are some of our new favs:

Teva Sandals and Flip Flops

It’s tough to go far on Hilton Head Island without spotting a pair of Teva flip flops. Tevas are designed for beach wear in locales like Hilton Head. They’re designed both to allow water to freely flow through and to grip the ground so you don’t slip. Tevas are also made for comfort, specifically designed for women and with shock absorption.

Just in are the Olowahu Leather style of flip flop, the Zirra sandal with adjustable straps, and the Tirra sandal also with multiple straps. Each comes in several different colors to fit your personal style. Can’t wait to see everyone in their new Tevas!

Go Buff with Our Headwear

Our Buff fishing headwear is extremely popular with our customers for fishing but also for a lot of other activities. Buff is designed to protect your skin both from the sun (with SPF protection) and from the wind and elements. Buffs, which are lightweight and versatile, keep you cool in the summer by wicking away sweat and warm in the winter.

Wear your buff when going for a run, under your helmet while riding a bike, while kayaking, fishing, golfing or anywhere you plan to get active outside. Buffs come in an assortment of styles and colors and the new Buff Baklava even covers up everything but your eyes. Come find a Buff that finds your personality!

Colorful New T-Shirts

You can’t leave Hilton Head Island without a T-shirt as a souvenir to brag to all your friends about where you’ve been. Always popular are our selection of Hilton Head T-shirts, including our logo Tees imprinted with Hilton Head Outfitters. Choose from bright new spring colors this season for your first Hilton Head Tee or to add to your growing collection :) .

Come in store when you’re visiting Hilton Head Island and outfit yourself for the outdoors. We’re just inside Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort located mid-island!

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